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13 Ft Helium PVC Blimps 2 Color with Your Logo


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13 Ft Helium PVC Blimps 2 Color with Your Logo

Our vinyl blimps are manufactured from polyvinylchloride (PVC) fabric and is manufactured with a UV inhibitor in the material to protect it from fading also the coloring is the material and not a coating. This specially manufactured material is designed to hold helium perfectly and is 18 mil thick. This material is ideal for outdoor use and is much stronger and better than the 3.5 mil or 6 mil urethane material that other companies use (a garbage bag is about 3 mil thick. The 13 foot blimp is ideal for INDOOR uses such as trade shows and exhibits and for limited outdoor use. The 13 foot blimp can handle up to 15 MPH gusts of wind.

Artwork is painted on the balloon with a specially made urethane based paint that is flexible and becomes part of the balloon. Our paint will never crack or peel like other companies and will never peel or wrinkle like stickers will. The artwork is digitally applied so all lettering and logos match perfectly.

These blimps come as a complete package including :

  • Blimp Body (White, Yellow, Green, Blue or Red) custom colors available for additional charge.
  • W/choice of any color tail fins (27 colors in stock)
  • New Rigid Fin Design works better than the inflated fin design with less wind drag
  • Harness ropes attached to blimp
  • 125 foot long tether line
  • 5 foot inflation hose to transfer helium from tank to blimp
  • Repair Kit & Instruction Manual
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